WT-6 Weartech Cobalt Base Alloys Hardfacing Welding Electrode (same as STELLITE® 6).

WT-6 Weartech Cobalt Base Alloys Hardfacing Welding Electrode (same as STELLITE® 6).

WT-6 Coated Welding Electrode is a non-ferrous, cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy.
This WT-6 Coated Welding Electrode is recommended for metal-to-metal abrasion and high impact applications involving high temperatures and/or corrosive media.
WT-6 is the most widely used cobalt base alloy and exhibits good all-round performance. It has excellent resistance to many forms of mechanical and chemical degradation over a wide temperature range, and retains a reasonable level of hardness up to above 800°C.
Particular attributes are its outstanding self-mated anti-galling properties (which result in its wide use as a valve seat material), its high temperature hardness, and a high resistance to impact and cavitation erosion.
WT-6 Coated Welding Electrode is ideally suited to a variety of hardfacing processes.
It has less tendency to crack than WT-12 in multiple layers, but is more wear resistant in abrasion and metal-to-metal or galling conditions.
WT-6 filler metal is used on valve seats and gates; pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields and rolling couples.
It can be machined with carbide tools.
WT-6 Coated Welding Electrode, bonds well with weldable alloy steels, including stainless.
This alloy is non magnetic and is not forgeable.

Typical Chemical Analysis %:
C 1.1, Cr 28, Co bal, W 4.0, Ni <3, Fe <3, Si 1.1, Mo <1, Mn <1.

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Typical Hardness: 42 Rockwell C

Note: The typical hardness values listed above are for multilayer welds. Hardness values for single deposits will be lower because of dilution from the base metal.

Available diameter: 2.4 - 3.2 - 4.0 mm, other diam. on request.

AWS 5.13 ECOCR-A - UNS W73006
Chemical analysis
Element Value
C 1,1
Cr 28,00
Co Bal.
W 4,0
Ni < 3
Fe < 3
Si 1,1