SIDERINOX 307 (E307-16 Calcium-Rutile Welding Elettrode)

SIDERINOX 307 (E307-16 Calcium-Rutile Welding Elettrode)

SIDERINOX 307 designed to run on direct current, reversed polarity as well as alternating current. DESCRIPTION: Electrodes of this composition are used primarily for moderate strength welds with good crack resistance between dissimilar steels, such as austenitic manganese steel and carbon steel. APPLICATIONS: Siderinoxi 307 is an ideal selection for welding automotive exhaust systems. This electrode is also well suited to weld armor plate, austenitic manganese steel and dissimilar steels. Supplied in diameters: 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.25 - 4.0 mm. (Questo prodotto è soggetto a sovraprezzo legato alla variazione di prezzo delle leghe che lo compongono) Typical Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength: 590 MPa Yeld point: 400 MPa Elongation: 30% Typical Chemical Composition % C 0.12, Cr 19.8, Ni 9.8, Mo 1.0, Mn 4.0, Si 0.8

AWS A-5.4 E307-16 - (UNS 30710)