SIDERINOX 29/9 (E312-16 Calcium-Rutile Welding  Elettrode)

SIDERINOX 29/9 (E312-16 Calcium-Rutile Welding Elettrode)

SIDERINOX 29/9, is an all position welding electrode designed to run on direct current, reversed polarity as well as alternating current.
This electrode is valuable for welding dissimilar joints, especially if one of the base metals is a stainless high in nickel content.
The deposit is two-phase, high in ferrite. Even with dilution with austenite forming elements, such as nickel, the microstructure is two-phase and thus highly resistant to weld metal cracks and fissures.
APPLICATIONS: SIDERINOX 312 is utilized for welding stainless steels to mild steels and for welding high strength steels that are difficult to weld with ferritic electrodes. This wire provides high oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures.
SIDERINOX 29/9 is work-hardenable and hot-cracking resistant.

Supplied in diameters: 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.25 - 4.0 mm.
(This item is subject to Industry Alloy Surcharges)

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength: 700 - 850 MPa
Yeld point: >580 MPa
Elongation: 20%
Typical Chemical Composition %
C 0.10, Cr 29.0, Ni 9.50, Mo -, Mn 1.30, Si 1.00
AWS A-5.4 E312-16 (UNS W31310)