WT-21 Weartech Cobalt Base Alloys Hardfacing Wire (same as STELLITE® 21)

WT-21 Weartech Cobalt Base Alloys Hardfacing Wire (same as STELLITE® 21)

WT-21 Wire and Bare Rod are a low carbon, molybdenum strengthened, cobalt chromium alloy.
This filler metal is recommended for metal-to-metal abrasion and high impact applications involving high temperatures and/or corrosive media.
WT-21 filler metal, has excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.
It is resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to 1150° C.
The excellent high temperature strength is maintained through aging in the temperature range 700° C-1150° C.
WT-21 filler metal is recommended for applications involving erosion, high temperatures and corrosion, e.g. oil and petrochemical applications, trim valve for high pressure steam, valves of all kinds, shear blades, hot punches and saw guides.
As a welded deposit, it is widely used in the building up of forging or hot stamping dies, due to its good impact resistance.
Its inherent resistance to galling (under self-mated conditions), cavitation erosion, and corrosion resistance has made it a popular fluid valve seat facing alloy.
The deposits retain wear resistance at high temperatures.
WT-21 bonds well with weldable alloy steels, including stainless.
This alloy is non magnetic and is not forgeable.

Typical Chemical Analysis %:
C 0.25, Cr 27, Co bal, Ni 2.5, Fe <3, Si <1, Mo 5.0.

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Typical Hardness: 32 Rockwell C
(GTAW Rockwell C 27 As Deposited, GTAW Rockwell C 47 Work Hardened, GMAW Rockwell C 26 As Deposited, GMAW Rockwell C 40 Work Hardened)

Note: The typical hardness values listed above are for multilayer welds. Hardness values for single deposits will be lower because of dilution from the base metal.

Wire available in 15 kg spool and 1.2, 1.6, 2.4 mm diam.
Rods are available in diam. 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, and in length from 14 inches (350 mm) to 12 feet (approx. 3.70 meters.)
Rods of longer lengths can be supplied on a special order basis.

AWS 5.21 ERCOCR-E - UNS R30021
Chemical analysis
Element Value
C 0,25
Cr 27,00
Co Bal.
Ni 2,5
Fe < 3
Si 1,0 max
Mo 5,0