FCWHC-4 gas shielded flux cored wire

FCWHC-4 gas shielded flux cored wire

FCWHC-4 (Alloy C-276T1) is a gas shielded all position flux cored wire that results in a deposit that is within the chemical composition requirements of AWS 5.34.
Some typical applications include joining of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy (ASTM B 574, B 575, B 619, B 622, B628) and C -276 alloy.
The FCWHC-4 (Alloy C-276T1) gas shielded flux cored wire, is also a good candidate for overlay or cladding of steels when enhanced corrosion resistance is required.
Dissimilar welding applications include other nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys and stainless steels.

Typical Mechanical Props.
Tensile strength: MPa 690 (psi 100,000)
Elongation: 30%

AWS 5.34 ENiCrMo4T1-1/T1-4 - (UNS W80276)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
Cr 15,86
Ni Bal.
C 0,013
Mn 0,26
Si 0,18
Fe 6,14
Nb 3,42
Mo 15,57

Item Sizes Packaging
FCWHC-4 gas shielded flux cored wire diam. 1,2 mm