SIDER 309LMoT Stainless Steel GTAW Rods

SIDER 309LMoT Stainless Steel GTAW Rods

Filler Metal SIDER 309LMo is designed for welding stainless steels to other types of steel, for dissimilar welds between Cr, Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steels and mild steels or low alloys steels, and for depositing buffer layers when welding acid-resisting clad steels.
SIDER 309LMoT joins stainless Types 304L, 316L and 410 to mild or low alloy steels. This wire also welds hardenable steels and provides a buffer layer prior to hard surfacing.

Available in rods lg 1000 mm, diam 1, 1.2 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2, 4.0 mm; in packs of 5 kgs
(This item is subject to Industry Alloy Surcharges)

Shielding Gas: 100% A

Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength: >550 MPa
Yield strength: >450 MPa
Elongation: >25%
Impact test :
KV 20°C: >47 J
KV -60°C: >32 J

Typical Chemical Analysis %
C 0.03, Si 0.45, Mn 1.80, Cr 24.0, Ni 13.0, Mo 2.50

UNI EN ISO 14343 A 23 12 2 L