ALLOY 62 Wire for SAW

ALLOY 62 Wire for SAW

Filler Metal Alloy 62 is a nickel chromium alloy designed for welding nickel base alloy 600 in up to 2" thicknesses using the submerged arc welding process (SAW).
Filler Metal Alloy 82 is recommended for sections exceeding 50 mm (2").

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength: MPa 550 (psi 80,000)
Yield point MPa 276 (psi 40,000) Elongation, 30.0%

Filler metals wires are available on spools or in coils and in a variety of diameters.
AWS A5.14: ERNiCrFe-5 - (UNS 06062)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
Cr 15.5
Ni 73
Fe 8.0
Nb 2.2
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
As per related flux

Item Packaging
As required