ALLOY 92 Wire for SAW

ALLOY 92 Wire for SAW

Filler Metal 92 is used for submerged-arc welding of austenitic and ferritic steels and nickel alloys. Applications include joining INCONEL® and INCOLOY® alloys to stainless steels, carbon steels, and MONEL® alloys; joining MONEL® alloys and Nickel 200® to stainless steels,- and joining stainless steels to carbon steels. The filler metal is also used for welding nickel steels. The high Ti concentration provides excellent porosity resistance in field welding applications.
Filler Metal 92 provides high strength and corrosion resistance at temperatures ranging from the cryogenic region to over 1800°F (980°C).
Weld deposits can be age hard¬ened for greater strength at temperatures to about 1300°F (700°C).

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength, MPa 552 (psi 80,000)
Elongation, (4d) % 30

Filler metals wires are available on spools or in coils and in a variety of diameters and sizes.
AWS A5.14 ERNiCrFe-6
(UNS N07092)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
Cr 14-17
Ni 67 min
C 0,08 max
Mn 2-2,7
Si 0,35 max
Fe 8,0 max
Cu 0,50 max
Ti 2,5-3,5
Nb 2,0-3,0

Item Packaging
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