ALLOY W Wire for SAW

ALLOY W Wire for SAW

Principal Design Features:
Filler Metal Alloy W is a nickel-molybdenum alloy also containing chromium and iron (63% Ni, 24% Mo, 6% Fe, 5% Cr). It is primarily intended as a filler metal for the welding of dissimilar high temperature, high strength application alloys.
Used as a weld metal filler rod for the joining by welding of dissimilar alloys in the nickel, cobalt, and iron-base alloy high temperature, high strength families, and for weld repair of various nickel, cobalt, and iron-base alloy
Used as a weld filler metal for submerged-arc welding and gas-metal-arc welding (SAW/ GMAW).
Heat Treatment
The alloy is solid-solution-strengthened and, as such, is not heat treatable. Appropriate heat treatment would be that of the metals being welded.

Typical Mechanical Props.
Tensile strength: MPa 690 (psi 100,000)

Filler metals available on spool and in a variety of sizes and diameters.
AWS 5.14 AWS ERNiMo-3 - (UNS N10004)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
Cr 5,0 max
Ni Bal.
C 0,12 max
Mn 1,0 max
Si 1,0 max
Fe 6,0 max
Mo 24,0 max
Co 2,5 max
V 0,6 max
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
As per related flux

Item Packaging
As required