SIDER 309LMo Stainless Steel SAW Wire

SIDER 309LMo Stainless Steel SAW Wire

Filler Metal SIDER 309LMo is designed for welding stainless steels to other types of steel, for dissimilar welds between Cr, Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steels and mild steels or low alloys steels, and for depositing buffer layers when welding acid resisting clad steels. The wire offers a high safety against hot cracking even in the case of high dilution.
Suitable for service temperatures of -60 deg C to 300 deg C.
SIDER 309LMo joins stainless Types 304L, 316L and 410 to mild or low alloy steels. This wire also welds hardenable steels and provides a buffer layer prior to hard surfacing.
Dissimilar joint welds: mild steels and low-alloyed structural and Quenched-tempered (QT) steels, among themselves or among each other; unalloyed as well as low alloyed boiler or structural steels with stainless Cr, Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo steels; ferritic-austenitic joint welds in boiler and pressure vessel parts.
Weld Surfacing: for the first layer of corrosion resistant surfacing on P235GH, P265GH, S255N, P295GH, S355N - S500N; for the first layer of corrosion resistant weld surfacing on high temperature quenched and tempered fine grained steels.

Available in diam.: 2.4-3.2 mm; on spools of 25 kgs:
(This item is subject to Industry Alloy Surcharges)

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile strength: 550 MPa min
Yield strength: 450 MPa min.
Elongation: 25% min
Impact test :
KV 20 deg C: 47 J
KV -60 deg C: 32 J
Typical Chemical Analysis %
C 0.03, Si 0.45, Mn 1.80, Cr 24.0, Ni 13.0, Mo 2.50
UNI EN ISO 14343 A 23 12 2 L
Chemical analysis
Element Value
C 0,03
Cr 23,10
Ni 13,40
Mo 2,30
Mn 1,16
Si 0,72
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
As per related flux

Item Sizes Packaging
diam. 2,4 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg
diam. 3,2 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg
diam. 4,0 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg