SIDER 310 Stainless Steel SAW Wire

SIDER 310 Stainless Steel SAW Wire

Filler Metal SIDER 310 is used for join¬ing heat resistant austenitic steels of type AISI 310 and for surfacing low or non-alloyed steels where a 310 type deposit is desired. Fully austenitic deposit, this flux cored wire welds 25Cr-20Ni type 310 wrought and cast stainless steels with up to 2% carbon.
Employed for applications involving the attack of oxidizing, nitrogen containing or low oxygen gases.
The high scaling tempera¬ture and excellent oxidation resistance of the SIDER 310 make it ideal for welding in chemical processing and nuclear plants as well as for furnace and heat treatment equipment, steam boiler construction, the crude oil industry and the ceramics industry.
This wire can be used in air up to about 1100°C, in oxidizing sulphurous atmospheres up to 1100°C and in reducing sulphurous atmospheres up to 650°C.
Scaling resistance up to 1200°C. Cryogenic toughness down to - 196°C.
The temperature range between 650 and 900°C should be avoided owing to the risk of embrittlement.

Available in diam.: 2 - 2.4 - 3.2 - 4 mm; on spools of 25 kgs:
(This item is subject to Industry Alloy Surcharges)

Typical Mechanical Properties:
Tensile strength: 610 MPa (88,500 psi)
Yield strength: 400 MPa (65,000 psi)
Elongation: 38%
Impact test :
KV 20°C: ≥ J 63
KV - 196°C: ≥ J 32 Typical Chemical Analysis %
C 0.12, Mn 1.80, Si 0.45, Cr 26.0, Ni 20.80, Mo 0.30, Cu 0.30
AWS A5.9: ER310
Chemical analysis
Element Value
C 0,12
Cr 26,00
Ni 20,80
Mo 0,30
Mn 1,80
Si 0,45
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
As per related flux

Item Sizes Packaging
diam. 2,4 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg
diam. 3,2 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg
diam. 4,0 mm Metallic spool of 25 kg