ALLOY 187 Welding Electrode

ALLOY 187 Welding Electrode

Alloy 187 Welding Electrode is used for shielded-metal-arc welding of wrought or cast 70/30, 80/20, and 90/10 copper-nickel alloys. Like the base metals with which it is used, the weld metal resists fouling and corrosion in sea water and is useful for many marine and desalination applications.
Dissimilar joints welded with the electrode include those between copper-nickel alloys and MONEL® alloy 400 or Nickel 200.
The electrodes provide excellent operability for groove and fillet welding in the downhand position and the smaller diameter electrodes are also suitable for all position welding.
Power supply: direct current, electrode positive.

Typical Welding Current:
Ø 2.4 A 60-85 -- Ø 3.2 A 70-120 -- Ø 4 A 100-145 -- Ø 5 A 130-190

Tensile Strength: MPa 345 (psi 50,000)
Elongation, (4d) % 30

Welding Electrodes are available in a variety of diameters: from 2.4 to 5 mm

AWS A5.6: ECUNI - (UNS W60715)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
C 0,05 max
Mn 1,0-2,5
Si 0,5 max
Fe 0,04-0,75
Ni 29,0 min.
Ti 0,50 max
Cu Bal.
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) > 350
A5% > 20