ALLOY 65 (825) Strips for ESSW

ALLOY 65 (825) Strips for ESSW

Filler Metal Alloy 65 is used for depositing overlays of alloy 825 on carbon and low alloys steels by electroslag submerged arc welding (ESSW) process.
The weld metal is highly corrosion resistant, particularly in reducing chemicals such as sulphuric and phosphoric acids.

Filler metals strips are available in coils and in a variety of sizes.

AWS A5.14 EQNIFECR-1 (UNS N08065)
(EN) ISO 18274 - SNI8065 (NIFE30CR21MO3)
Chemical analysis
Element Value
Ni 38-46
C 0,05 max
Mn 1,0 max
Si 0,75 max
Fe 22,0 max
Cu 1,5-3,0
Ti 0,6-1,2
Al 0,2 max
Cr 19,5-23,5
Mo 2,5-3,5
Mechanical properties
Tipo Value
As per related flux

Item Packaging
As required